Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Think I Need Oprah's Best Life Challenge

Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday pa...Image via WikipediaWow, It's almost 2009 already.

What a year. Hanna is getting bigger. We got her weaned. We're working on getting her potty trained.

My business is taking off. I've partnered with some amazing people over the year. I wrote an ebook that's doing quite well. I recently launched a membership site to help walk people through my favorite online marketing method.

and oh yeah. My belly is getting really big and so is my butt. (no I'm not pregnant, this is a bad thing)

It seems the more time I spend sitting at this desk I grow exponentially. It makes sense, it just seems a little unfair.

So I guess I'm in the same boat as Oprah, it looks like she's let herself go this year as well.

I've been seeing promo's for the Best Life Challenge, maybe she will be starting that again this year. Maybe I can get motivated and get on the band wagon to get in shape and lose some weight with Oprah.

It's frustrating. I've been getting so many areas of my life in order, and yet this weight thing is getting more and more out of whack.

Ahhh the balancing act that is my life ~ and I imagine any moms life. It just seems I don't move at all anymore. Here's a little bit of my "job progression"

Worked in Brooklyn, only transportation to client's homes was my feet (bus/subway).

Moved here ~ got a car. Drove to client's homes.

Quit job ~ turned WAHM. Don't even have client's homes to go to. Simply slide my butt in a chair in my living room and work, and work and work.

So from 5 miles a day to NADA and I wonder why my butt is growing. lol.

Something has got to be done. Just wondering how I find the motivation and consistency to make it happen.
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