Friday, November 09, 2012

Step by step action plan to build your blogging business

If you're using a blog and need more traffic, want to build your audience, and want more sales... follow this simple process. 

1. Create and Publish a Blog Post

Write your blog posts as quickly as you can. Create content that is educational, entertaining  and uniquely your own. Knowing your target market, who you’re trying to talk to, what they are interested in, and where they hang out helps this process a lot!

Once you know what your people are looking for you can easily search trending videos, or facebook to see what’s popular and create a post around that.

2. Syndicate Your Post. Otherwise Known as Share Like Crazy

Syndicating your post means sharing it anywhere and everywhere it is appropriate. Making sure, if you’re using social networks, the content is appropriate and relevant to any space you’re sharing it in. Here’s a few places to get you thinking…read the next 8 steps...


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