Monday, June 19, 2006

Carseats, Slings and Packs Oh My, What's a babywearer to do?

One of the tenets of attachment parenting is baby wearing. After reading all that Dr. Sears had to say about the benefits of babywearing, I was on board. I researched questions to ask when choosing a sling. I looked at exactly how these things work, and how you put it on. I compared different slings, and decided on a sling I wanted to purchase.

Then I ran into a problem. I was out of cash. So I ended up buying a sling at my local baby depot. And, I don't know, if it's because we live in Kansas or that's just the way the world is when it comes to slings, there was only one available. It happened to be the one they recommend you don't buy, but I didn't realize that at the time, and I had a gift certificate. :)

Hanna was born I excitedly tried to put her in the sling, and could not figure it out. The women at my LeLeche League meeting had told me to bring the baby and they would bring some slings, but I was just not that patient. The LLL meetings are only once a month! I finally called my Doula and she said come on over, we'll get the baby in there.

She helped me get Hanna in the sling, and it felt kind of unstable to me, but I'm assuming that's natural for a new mother and a new sling. Then Hanna started SCREAMING. What's up? Babies are supposed to LOVE their slings. I took her out and tried a few more times over the next week or two, same result every time, Screaming!!

Meanwhile we are using our car seat carrier to take her places in. But here's the problem with that, she hates that seat. As soon as I start to put her in it she starts, you guessed it, SCREAMING. Not just little baby screaming either, I'm talking hold your breath until you turn purple then do it again screaming. Then as you gasp for breath a warble comes out, then more screaming. This is a problem, since the united states government says she has to be in this if she is going to be in the car. It takes some doing but we get her calmed down, and once the car is going she usually falls asleep. She stays asleep for just about long enough to get in a store and then she wakes up and it is not long before the screaming begins again.

So now I'm carrying the baby and this crazy car seat. This is not easy. So I am thinking and thinking, there must be another way.

It is then that I think about when Hanna is the happiest, and that is when she is laying on either my chest or her Daddy's. Then I get this brilliant idea, they have carriers where they lean against your chest. That must be the answer.

I'm still out of money, but pretty desperate to leave my house at some point. I look around the local dept store and sure enough, they have two font loading carriers. My mom generously offers to buy one for me, as we are going antiquing the next Saturday.

Hanna loves it. She is happy and quiet, and falls asleep almost immediately. Woo Hoo. Here's the problem. I can't get her out of it. It's almost too funny. She's good and sound asleep and I can't get her out. I finally got her out of the carrier with arms and legs barely intact, and I look at her beautiful face, bam, wide awake, although she is bright eyed and being happy baby after such a lovely nap.

I was talking to a friend about this problem, and she told me she had a front riding carrier as well. Hers was different though, you can unclip the baby from the carrier and then lay them down without disruption. This is exactly what I am looking for. She brought it to the next La Leche League meeting and told me I could have it, as her newborn doesn't like it at all.

This carrier is fantastic, exactly what I am looking for. We still use the first one around the house, and we still use the car seat for quick trips to places that have shopping carts (she's only 9 pounds and that thing already weighs a ton!), but when we are going in and out, and need to wear the baby so she will be happy, but also need to get her in and out of the carseat we use the new one.

I still want a sling, and am hoping to get together with others at the next meeting to try some other types of slings and see if there is one that she likes.

Babywearing has proven to be a really positive thing for us, she is much calmer when being worn, and it is a surefire way to get her to sleep, even when she is her most fussy. She also seems to have an easier time getting to sleep when she has been worn during the day. I definately encourage people to try wearing their babies. AND I encourage you to get together with others who wear their babies before you buy one for yourself to see what will make your baby the most happy. There are a million choices out there, and you can do all the research in the world, but ultimately, as I am finding out, your baby will decide.

Good luck! Until next time,

Remember, You are Remarkable!
Jackie Lee :)

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