Friday, March 13, 2009

Make Your Own Recipe Book!

You might wonder why you need to make your own recipe book when there are already tons and tons of cookbooks available, both in the stores and online. You probably already have tons of recipe books on your bookshelves I bet. How many recipes do you use out of each of those books? What if every recipe in a cookbook was something you wanted to make, a recipe your family would really eat?

A Grandma's Recipe Cookbook

Many families have handed down recipes through the generations. Usually though prized possessions they are not all that well cared for. The ink may be fading, the recipe may have food on the card, especially if you use them a lot. You may find some family members have recipes others don't. What an amazing gift to your family, to gather up all the family recipes and put them together in a beautiful hard bound book.

My Picky Family Favorites

Each week it gets a little harder to create a menu for my family. My husband is a picky eater. I can't always remember if he liked or didn't like a particular recipe I have tried. I usually go through the computer in search of something good, and end up losing the recipe or the ink gets smeared and I can't read it when I finally find something he will eat. I would love to make my own recipe book of recipes I know he will actually eat.

Chicken Favorites

Trying to stay fit and healthy includes eating more chicken in our house. My husband is not a huge fan of chicken so I'm always on the lookout for new chicken recipes. Some fair well, and some fall flat. It would be great to make your own recipe book filled with chicken dishes I know we are going to eat. It's such a waste to buy a cookbook and find three quarters of the recipes are nothing we would ever eat.

Seasonal Favorites

I definitely cook differently depending on the seasons. In summer it's lighter fare, and non cooked things when I can get away with it. Winter brings out the crockpot and warm hearty meals. Problem is I can never find my favorite winter recipes after 3 seasons of non use. A cookbook combining all my seasonal favorites would be fantastic.

As you can see creating your own cookbook has a lot of advantages. Recipes are so plentiful, and for those of us who love to cook, like me can have tons and tons of them around. Cookbooks made specifically for my tastes and recipes I know my family is going to like would be fantastic.

Do you want to make recipe book? It's a simple 3 step process. Using this simple system you can make your own recipe book and have it sitting on your bookshelf in no time flat.
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