Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Help Me Stay Top Momma!

A long long time ago I signed up at Top Momma. It's a site that helps you get traffic to your blog. I promptly forgot all about it, until this morning. I received an email saying I was TOP MOMMA!

Let me tell you how this works. It's a really simple and fun idea. There's a square of 25 boxes on the site. In each box is a picture. Each picture takes you to a Momma's Blog. You get to stay Top Momma (and in the square) by the number of clicks you get on your picture as well as other moms you refer to Top Momma.

Here's where I need you help. Please go to Top Momma and look for this picture of Hanna:

and Click It!

That's all, it's that simple. When you click it will take you to my blog, and I will get credit for the clicks.

If you are a Momma Blogger you might want to sign up to be Top Momma yourself. It's free and pretty fun to see your picture up there in the top spot. The key is picking a really cute/interesting picture people are going to want to click on.

I'll let you know how much traffic I get from this.

Thanks again!



Well I didn't last long at Top Momma ~ just 1 day. But it was fun. I'm not really sure if it drove much traffic to my blog. ~ The logo's cute though?!

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