Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our first bout of Sickness

I guess I'm really a mom now. Last night Hanna puked all over me. Poor thing. She had a stuffy nose and was sneezing, but didn't really act sick.

I had finished nursing her before bed and she was laying there, getting ready to fall asleep when all of a sudden, BLecK. Yuck. Poor baby.

She's not a sick kid and the only sickness she's had is stuffy/runny nose with teething, never has she had the vomiting.

She looked like she had no idea what to do, and looked so confused. We ended up having to shower off as we were both covered. She stayed up and was super clingy after that. She finally fell asleep about 10, and ended up sleeping until 8:30a. That's completely unheard of.

She's been fine today, sipping on juice and soup. Hopefully she is over the pukey part. She's still got a runny nose and some sneezing. We are using "Sniffles and Sneezes" homeopathics to help with that and it seems to be working pretty well.

Aaaah, passed another milestone. The first puking. The joys of motherhood. :)

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