Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great "in between" time activities (with recipes)

Here's a couple of great options for in between time activities. 

Home made playdo, and silly puddy. 

We make our own playdo sometimes ~ other times we buy it. Our playdo is made with Kool Aid so the colors are really fun and they SMELL so GOOD! This recipe doesn't call for Kool aid ~ but it looks great none the less. 

I haven't done the silly puddy ~ but think it would be fun. 

Sometimes when I'm working I will pull out a plastic table cloth, spread it out on the floor and let Hanna pull out all the play doh, silverware (from her kitchen set) and cookie cutters we've collected. This allows me to not worry about the play doh getting on the floor (and everywhere else) and let's me focus on work, and her have a grand old time. This activity can easily hold her attention for at least an hour. 

Here's the post with the recipes:

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