Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Moving Activity Calendar

Last night we went to Preschool open house. They handed out a great little calendar with simple activities to do with your kids to get them moving more. 

I have a goal to stop work for a little bit each hour while Hanna is home and play with her ~ this will hopefully keep her happier when I'm working.

Here's a couple examples of the activities:

turn on some music and shake rock and roll

help put clothes away by balancing them on different body parts as you take them to your room

roll across the yard as a little ball, a long long and a rolling wheel

Simple stuff, but a great way to get moving and stay engaged through the day.

Balance a paper plate on a paper towel roll as you walk.

You can find the whole calendar (and a bunch for the past few years) at www.headstartbodystart.org

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