Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do you ever get really excited about something . . .

and you look at the clock and realize it's 6:30pm and you haven't done a darn thing all day?

That's what happened to me yesterday.

Earlier this week I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I finally decided to stop being a tire-kicking, free ebook reading, trying to figure out how to make it work without spending any money girl, and just join and learn from people who are really doing it and doing it well.

There is a great saying ~Your income will be a direct reflection of the income of the people you surround yourself with ~ or something similar to that. Wealthy Affiliate was started by an filled with million dollar earners.

I was surprised to see how much "secret" information they are sharing within the walls of WA. One of my mentors Travis Sago (THE Bum Marketer) is an active member. In fact, that's what got me yesterday. There is a 30 page forum thread with over 200 posts where Travis walks someone through the entire process of coming up with a niche idea, how to define the customer ~ the whole process all the way to building a website and driving traffic. It was unreal.

I started the thread early in the day and before I next time I looked at the clock it was 6:30pm and Ryan was on his way home for dinner. What a learning experience. I am doing it all now. I'm following the plan that was laid out in that thread and doing it all myself, finding my own niche and setting up a profitable campaign. It's going so well. I just know this is going to be a huge piece of the "breakout year".

There are so many resources for markers inside Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn't believe it. Kyle and Carson have put together so much information. The only way you could not be successful being a member of Wealthy Affiliate would be if you didn't read it and put it into action!!

It's the best money I've ever spent, and it's been less than a week. I have already learned things that made the price of admission completely worth it.

OK wow, this is sounding very ADVERTISING like. Sorry, didn't mean to do that. I just can't believe what I've already learned and I'm kicking myself for not joining sooner. DUH.

If you join my username is MomtoHanna, send me a PM and add me as a friend!

Jackie Lee :)

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