Friday, January 25, 2008

Practical Yoga ~ Yoga Quickies

I didn't realize I hadn't been here in so long. Shame on me.

Great things going on for me, South Beach is going pretty well. I've dropped a little over 5 pounds since my last post. I've not stuck to the first phase completely, but I'm doing the best I can and giving myself credit for what I am doing instead of beating myself up for the things that I could do better.

I've been trying to take that attitude into my day to day life as well. It seems to be working. The more I look at what's going right, the more things show up that are right.

I've gotten a couple new coaching clients in the last couple weeks, and I landed an amazing client for some of my writing services. It looks like this is going to be a long term relationship and that is pretty exciting.

I had just been playing the "wouldn't it be nice . . . " game and then along came this client. If you aren't familiar with "wouldn't it be nice" ~ it's a great law of attraction game you can play to lighten up when you get stressed out.

It goes something like this ~

wouldn't it be nice if ~ I got this great client
wouldn't it be nice if ~ I had 5000 dollars each month by the 15th in the bank
wouldn't it be nice if ~ Hanna would sleep all night
wouldn't it be nice if ~ Hanna decided to use the toilet again

I think you get the point. The cool thing about wouldn't it be nice is the energy around it. You don't get the oh, that will never happen for me feeling because ~ yeah it would be nice if all those things happened!!! You get to kind of go with it, and think about how cool it would be and it really raises my vibration.

You know once you get to a vibration that's a match to those things they show up. Last week it happened for me pretty quick with this new client.

Wow, not sure where all that came from, I really decided to post today because I just found the coolest website.

I'm trying to get back into a regular yoga/pilates practice ~ although I've not been as successful as I'd hoped to be by now, I do keep finding new resources that move me in that direction.

Anyway, in a Yoga email I get everyday there was a great little video for a "Yoga Quickie". After I watched it I realized there was a whole website and a video. The website is really cool and they have lots of short Yoga Quickie videos you can watch. Pretty fun.

IF you only have a minute, but want to get in some yoga, maybe you could try a Yoga Quickie. I'm going to try ~ because a little is better than none. :)

Have fun and don't forget to breathe.

Jackie Lee

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