Friday, January 18, 2008

South Beach Update

I'm on day 5 of South Beach Diet. I'm feeling really good. I've had the opportunity to eat really badly a couple times this week and have managed to choose wisely.

I've lost a few pounds already which is always nice.

IF you care to take a look, I'm tracking my meals over at Peer Trainer. IF you've never used peer trainer it's a pretty cool website. They have "groups" and "teams". Teams are small ~ up to 4 people. Groups are larger.

With your account you get a "log" where you can update your meals, exercise, any notes to yourself or your team. You can also leave messages to your team ~ the whole team will be able to see them. It's really nice if someone is doing really well you can leave them a way to go message. If someone is not doing so well you can remind them it all starts with the next meal, or the next choice. If you'd like to see my log drop on by

It is a very interactive platform that allows you to really support and help one another. My team is made up of my best friend, one of her friends and one of my friends from CafeMom. It's just another way women can support women in their efforts to lose weight and get healthy. (of course it's not just for men) :)

If you are looking to have some support in your weightloss efforts you might want to gather up a few friends and head over to peer trainer. :)

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