Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Started with South Beach Diet ~ again

I mentioned in my last post I was trying to lose some weight and get in shape, so I'm getting started with South Beach Diet ~ again.

I was thinking this morning that a great goal would be for me to lose some weight and get in shape by my daughter's birthday which is May 10th. I want to get a family portrait done for her birthday and it would be nice if I was looking good. We will most likely have her birthday party at the lake and will be going on a lake vacation with Ryan's family a month or so after that. So some good incentive.

I decided to start South Beach again because it's the only diet that's ever worked for me that I feel I can actually manage as a life long thing. So I reread the South Beach Diet book and dug out my South Beach Diet Cookbook and put together a meal plan for the first week. I just was over at Amazon and found they have a South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook which I am very excited about. It has 200 recipes made in under 30 minutes. That's my kind of cookbook. The other cookbook is pretty fancy food my husband turns his nose up at, and takes a while to make. I will have to get this new cookbook!!! Aaahhh, another cookbook.

I cleaned out the refrigerator and all the cupboards ~ luckily this time we were pretty much out of food any way so I didn't have to get rid of much. We went grocery shopping and it feels really good to have so much nutritious food in the house again. Yay!! I remember how good I felt last time I did South Beach and I am looking forward to feeling like that again.

I am hoping to find room in the budget for South Beach Online, it's 5 bucks a week so we will see what I can do. I think it would be helpful for making up weekly menus they provide over 1000 recipes, as well as put together a shopping list as you put together your menu. That's the part I usually mess up is the list and then when I go to make dinner I am missing an ingredient, then I get mad and eat junk. Bad me!

My friend Lori is doing Body for Life and has agreed to join me at PeerTrainer to log our food and exercise and keep each other accountable. If you wanna come too just let me know.

I'm also planning to dust off the Power 90 DVDs I have here and do them for exercise. I am hoping to plan this all into my daily routines as I am currently reading Sink Reflections and Body Clutter by the FlyLady. I hope with all this stuff in place I will finally find something I can stick to. The Power 90 is 3 months so that will take me almost to Hanna's Birthday. :)

Feel free to ask me from time to time if I am sticking with the "life plan" and hopefully I will answer a loud and excited YOU BET!!!

I will post on my results on FULL DISCLOSURE FRIDAYs. If we get some people together that want to do this together, maybe we can find a way to do it like wordless wednesdays. All in good time, today I am just going to get started. :)

Until tomorrow,

Jackie Lee :)

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