Thursday, December 13, 2007

Balancing work and baby

I think all working moms, whether working from home or out of the home deal with the issue of balancing time spent working and time spent with their children.

I think it is a little more complex when your working from home. Your kids are right here, demanding your attention and you can see them all the time. I think it's easier to feel guilty for not playing with your kids more when you work from home, just because you're right here with them. If you work out of the home you don't really have the option of dropping work just to read a book any time you want.

I don't think one is better than the other, they are just different, with different struggles.

I have been dealing with some of these issues myself lately. Hanna's going through this weird thing where she won't take a nap, then won't go to sleep at night. She is getting to a really tantrum stage, and I know it probably has something to do with her age. I'm just wondering if I spent more time with her before she starting having a tantrum if it would alleviate the problem.

I love my work, and I know I can get very involved in it. I get lots of new ideas that I want to implement and time gets away from me.

Here's the plan for balance I've come up with. I know I have 4 specific daily activities I need to get done. A lot of what I do is not directly related to those activities and could be cut out for more time with Hanna. None of them have to be completed by a specific time or in any order.

I've decided to set a timer for an hour. I will work for an hour, then take an hour to hang out with Hanna. During this time we can work on some of the housework, and read books, play games whatever she wants to do.

Then I'll go back to work for an hour. This plan should allow me to be finished with everything by the time she gets up from her nap and leave me free and off the computer once she gets up in the afternoon and through the evening. I can do a final check in once she goes to bed.

It makes me a little uneasy to have such a schedule, when ideas pop all the time. I guess I can just write them down and deal with them in my next assigned hour.

We'll try it for a week and see how it goes.

How do you balance work and kids? I'd love to hear from other work at home moms as well as work outside the home moms.

Have a great day.

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