Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Office Christmas Party

Now wait a minute~ I work from home, how did I end up at an office Christmas party? It was my mom's "office".

She was all excited to show of little Miss Hanna, what she fails to realize, and I don't know why since she's known her as long as I have, that Miss Hanna doesn't do large crowds, loud places and strange places.

She begged me to go to this office party though, it was actually a Christmas Carnival. My mom works at Learjet, and the carnival was in the hanger. There was a carousel, and other rides, as well as carnival games and foods and of course Santa.

Ha Ha Ha, Santa. My poor kid. Grandma soooo wants a picture of her with Santa. We wait in line for like 30 minutes ~ Did I tell you my kid is not patient, at all? Then she sees this guy in a big red suit sitting in a big red chair. I sat next to Santa and had her on my opposite leg. But Grandma had to push it. "Let her sit on Santa's lap, I want her to sit on Santa's lap" So we tried that for a second, just enough time to snap yet another picture of my beautiful daughter screaming.

We finally asked Santa to stand behind the chair so he was in the picture but not in Hanna's line of site. She stopped screaming, but was all kinds of pouty face in the picture.

She started to loosen up in the last 30 minutes we were there. Oh yeah, did I mention this was a 3 Hour carnival? Yeah, it was~ way too long but we had to stay until the end because that's when they were drawing for all the raffles taking place.

Good thing we did too. I won a 300 dollar package of DANCE LESSONS!! My husband is going to be ever so pleased when he hears this news. NOT

I'm excited though and looking forward to a little time alone with my husband. Maybe I can talk him into learning how to two step?!

Maybe next year it will be a little different, but I'm not holding my breath.

Jackie Lee :)

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