Friday, December 14, 2007

Today I Got Lost

I started relatively early this morning, working the new hour on hour off plan. Here it is noon, and I have gotten nothing done!! Well not nothing, but nothing I had expected to get done by now.

I totally got lost!! I remembered I used to get pretty good traffic through webrings, so I went in search of a web ring that I might join. You will see it on the sidebar. Webrings are pretty fun. Usually they are done with websites, but there are now a lot for blogs as well. Basically, in case you've never heard of them before, people who have websites on a similar topics join together, putting the Webring code on their page so people can go directly to other sites in the webring. Since everyone in the ring must have the code on their page you can get quite a bit of traffic through webrings.

It's important to join webrings that are relative to your blog/site and look at the stats on the webring home page. If there are a ton of sites in the ring and it's not getting a lot of visits you probably won't get much traffic. But if there are relatively few sites and they've gotten tons of hits it's a good bet you'll start getting some decent traffic.

What I forgot about webrings is this ~ it can kind of be like Stumbleupon ~ You get caught up and the next thing you realize four hours have gone by and you are still just looking through websites!!!

I did learn a new thing today though. There are tons of websites that will let you be on their blogroll. For many many different topics. I'm not sure how much traffic this would drive, although I did look through a lot of the blogs on those blogroll sites too. :) You would have a decent backlink though.

I also found a fun community and blog called Mom Gadget. It made my blogroll and I will be checking in daily, at both the blog and the forums.

Check it out, seems like a lovely community of women helping each other be successful with blogging and business. :)

Ok, well now there's 2 tasks out of 4 completed for today, and it's only 2pm.

Hanna's refusing to nap again, so we shall see just how much I get done this afternoon :)

Talk to you all tomorrow, I'll probably be buried under a foot of snow at least that's what the news is predicting ~ at least it'll make nice pictures for wordless wednesday.

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