Friday, December 21, 2007

A Holiday Miracle

Ok, I'm not talking 34th street kind of miracle here, but a miracle nonetheless.

Wednesday we had our annual Christmas Luncheon and then my mom and I went out to finish (or start) the Christmas shopping as the case may be. I got into an argument with Ryan while I was out and feeling upset, seriously pissed off and a little taken advantage of.

We finished a little shopping, not nearly as much as we'd hoped, I already mentioned that Hanna screamed the whole way home.

I was seriously wore out by the time I got home. I brought in most of the stuff from the truck and put it on the kitchen table. I had this weird dream that night ~ about my camera. I couldn't find my camera.

I woke up yesterday and looked on the table ~ no camera. I thought maybe I had left the camera in the truck, it wasn't there.

I had a pretty strong intuitive feeling that someone had stolen it out of the car while we were in Border's. I was so upset!!! I love that camera. It's my prized possession. I got it for Christmas 3 years ago and I use it just about every single day. (and it wasn't cheap). I called my mom last night to see if somehow I had grabbed it and accidentally taken it in her house when I dropped her off.

I was a little nervous to ask my mom about it, she gave me the camera and I didn't want her to know I lost it. It wasn't there.

I went to bed heartbroken last night that my camera was gone. Christmas is coming and now I had no camera to capture the moments. :(

I woke up this morning and started looking at cameras online. Pricing, trying to find something that I could get just so I would have pictures of the holidays. It wouldn't be my digital rebel, but it would be something.

My mom called to see if I had found it. She said, "Jackie, just call Lois. I really feel like it's at Lois'". I was like, no I totally REMEMBER bumping into it and knocking of the lens cap while we were in the parking lot at the vet. (I DO STILL REMEMBER THAT!!!!) She just told me to call, just to make sure.

I called Lois, just in case, and sure enough. My camera is there.

I don't know how ~ I know I put it in the car. I know I had it with us all afternoon. I know I knocked the lens cap off and put it back on. I know I saw it before we went into Borders. It was there.

Now it's at Lois'. Thank you Universe.

I'm going to go pick it up today. :)

Damn ~ I wish I had my camera. Hanna is putting a tissue paper "diaper" on her dolly. First time she's done that aaaawwww.

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