Friday, December 07, 2007

No nap ~ too much poop

This never happens to me. Dangit.

We usually use Bumgenuis Diapers I love them. Lately though Hanna has been getting a bit of a rash sometimes when wearing cloth, so I've been off and on using disposables.

Today I changed her before her nap and there was big poop. I got her all cleaned up, put her in a nice washed and rinsed three times cloth diaper. We were upstairs and she was almost asleep. I put her in her bed and she woke up a little. I could have gotten her to go back to sleep, but the whole time I had been smelling poop.

I unzipped her and realized she had poop smeared all over the back of her outfit, and down the side. Damnit.

I grabbed some clothes thinking I could just clean it up with wipes. No such luck. I had to throw her in the tub to get it off. Taking a bath winds her up, unlike most kids, and so now she's wide awake. I can see no nap in our future today. Again. Yesterday was the same.

She will be 19 months in a couple days, there's no way she can really be giving up her nap already is there? Please tell me no!!!! I don't think I can give up my 1 to 2 hours of peace in the day. :)


Jackie Lee :)

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