Friday, December 28, 2007

Capture the moments!

During the "stolen camera" scare I was looking for an affordable small camera I would be able to keep with me. Then I found my camera and didn't think twice about it. I had talked to my husband about the one I would have gotten had I needed it.

I must have been a good girl this year, because even though we said no gifts for each other, Santa made his way to my house, and brought with him the Canon PowerShot SD1000.

It is so little and fun. I have started carrying a little tiny purse since I have this great big diaper bag filled with Hanna's stuff and big fat cloth diapers. This little camera fits right in my purse with plenty of room to spare!!

I got some gift certificates for books for Christmas and we were all at the bookstore the other night. Hanna was getting fussy while Ryan finished looking at his books. We were standing right next to the CD rack, and since she loves music I thought I'd put the headphones on her and see what would happen. (I made sure the volume was low)

There happened to be a NOW ~ pop music CD right there, and it had her favorite songs on it. She started bouncing around the store, laughing, singing and dancing.

I thought to myself, "oh I wish I had my camera" . . . I did have my camera!!!

I whipped it out and took some shots of her and here they are.

This is pretty fun!! I probably should have saved these for Wednesday, but I couldn't wait!!

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