Thursday, December 06, 2007

Look what I found!

I had been thinking about starting a personal blog. I keep saying to myself I have too much to do, I already have 2 other blogs I work on, and not enough time for yet another blog.

AND still the idea keeps coming up.

Today I remembered I had started a blog when Hanna was first born, and after quite a bit of looking and updating, here it is!!!

Poor neglected little blog.

So I guess that settles it! I'm going to have a blog, just for fun!!

(and anyone that knows me even a little knows part of the fun is making a little extra money.) I am thinking it will be fun to have a lighthearted place to play and make money in a more fun and light way. (my other blogs are fun but pretty serious) :)

So welcome to the reupstart of my poor little neglected blog.

I'm hoping to do more of the "weekday" posting games on this blog. I am already involved in Wordless Wednesday on my other blog, but I have also seen Thirteen Thursdays, and Saturday Scavenger Hunt, all sound fun and I will start playing once I figure out just what is involved. lol

Ok, this blog has already taken up a large portion of the day, so I'm going to call it quits for today.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Jackie Lee :)

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