Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weaning a High Needs Toddler

I wrote a post on my other blog back when I was thinking about daytime weaning Hanna. After the day from hell on Sunday, she woke up every hour that night. It was like having an infant in the house again. (except she was up every 15 minutes when she was an infant. lol). I decided to not nurse her back to sleep every hour and tried other ways to get her back to sleep.

I recently read a post on one of my yahoo groups of a woman who was having similar problems. She had taken her child to a naturopath, and even though he was a fan of extended breastfeeding, encouraged her to stop all night feeding, as sleep is a pattern/habit.

I wondered if that was true for us as well. I wondered if I had just been taking the easy way out to get her back to sleep at night, and I wondered if she wasn't getting to nurse when she woke up at night if maybe she would just sleep instead.

Why do I keep getting these weaning urges right around holidays? hmm.

Anyway, last night I only nursed her to get her to sleep. When she woke up I went in and cuddled her next to me, and patted her and shhhhed her, and to my surprise she went back to sleep.

~ I wonder who the pattern lays with? Me or her? ~

I fell asleep in her bed, and the next time she woke up she was a little more upset about no num nums but she did finally cuddle up and go back to sleep. The next time she woke up it was morning.

Two times a night has been our "norm" until lately so I don't know if it's going to work or not on getting her to sleep through the night. What I do know is this.

She CAN fall asleep without nursing. She has fallen asleep while sitting on th couch with us, while laying on the bed with me, while laying in her bed next to me. I know it IS possible now. Up until about a month ago I really wasn't sure. :)

So it looks like we are on the road to night weaning now. Hopefully it will go as well as the daytime weaning. I'm still keeping the noon and night nursings, but who knows? I may find that she doesn't want or need them too. :) We shall see.

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